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 Audio Equipment Service & Repair  Service Request

Service & Repair On All Brands of Consumer and Professional Audio Equipment - From Tape Decks, CD Players, Car audio, Home Stereos, Speakers, Amps, Compressors, Equalizers, Telephones to Portable Boomboxes, Radios, Turntables or Stereo Walkmen.

We also now service some gear made by TC Helicon as described on our page located here

Fully Covered as Per terms in Merchant Policy and FAQ Page.


 Video Equipment Service & Repair Service Request

TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS can service Consumer & Hi-End Video equipment, anything from plain VCR's, TV's , professional Video Monitors or specialized Studio Equipment. All VCR's are Professionally cleaned to provide optimal View ability. Service on large TV's is limited to shipping restrictions.

This service is covered by the standard Guarantee as outlined in the FAQ.


 Amateur Radio , CB  / Linear amplifier & 2-Way Radio Repair

Service Request

Service, repair and alignment on all brands of 2 way ham and CB radio gear - including linear amplifiers. Mobile, base or hand held devices.
Authorized service for ACOM brand RF linear amplifiers.



All types Of PC power Supplies (including Rack mount) Overhauled, repaired & Guaranteed. AT, ATX or Even the difficult to Find E-Machine units...from 100 Watts and on up. Good stock of AT and ATX units already overhauled, ready to ship.

Every Power Supply unit sold or overhauled carries a 1 year full coverage warranty (parts & labor) which is also transferable if the unit is sold to another party. 


Computer & Accessories, Service &   Repair  

TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS can upgrade your PC, or build an entire new system for you or even repair a broken PC you thought was unrepairable. Computer accessories such as Printers, Scanners, CD ROM Drives, Monitors (14" and up), motherboards etc. are all serviceable and sometimes available for direct purchase.

This service is covered by the standard Guarantee as outlined in the FAQ.


 Office Machine Equipment Service & Repair Service Request

TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS capability includes basic Office Equipment in use today by many small to large size companies. COPIERS, FAX MACHINES, PAPER SHREDDERS, TELEPHONES, MICROCASSETTE RECORDERS, DICTATING MACHINES, PERSONAL ORGANIZERS and of Course, Personal Computers, as outlined in the Computer services description.

This service is covered by the standard Guarantee, as outlined in the FAQ.


 Other Industrial Electronic or Related  Equipment Repair / Service  

TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS can service Industrial or Manufacturing equipment either at Circuit board level or greater. Depending on the Customers situation, it may be advantageous to supply appropriate manuals, design plans or schematics where available, to help expedite the service or repair. 

Some size limits on equipment restrict TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS ability to provide service. Generally the limits fall within the 100-200 pound total shipping weight area.

This service is covered by the standard Guarantee, as outlined in the FAQ.


We also offer a repair service on Krups type 150 (model 150) coffee makers. [ CONTACT US ]


 Hard To Locate Repair Parts  
Flyback Transformers     Semiconductors          Yokes, Splitters, HV Blocks        Repair Kits and Other Parts
Recently TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS has been able to Locate and Supply various types of Hard to locate or NLA (No Longer Available) Repair Parts for Various Brands of Video and Audio Equipment. Check the Above Links for common types we can supply.

 Avionics & Aircraft Accessory  repair

Capabilities list 

This is a new experimental service. Currently we are not a registered FAA certified repair center, but we can do repairs on some older gear.  Contact us for specific needs.



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