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What is the Guarantee Policy on Products or Services TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS provides?

All Equipment Purchased or Serviced at TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS carries a MINIMUM of 30-90 Days Guarantee, against DOA, covering Parts and Labor. Exact time frames vary with the age and condition of the equipment in question. For exact figures, submit an inquiry with the type and model. This Guarantee excludes Accidental or intentional Abuse such as Dropping, hitting, slamming, shipping damage or operating equipment in extreme weather conditions where its not designed to be used. 

Policies on spare parts sold are very unique, and are described in our merchant policy page.


Are Extended Service Plans available to Customers?

Yes. Customers purchasing equipment or submitting equipment for service, have the option of purchasing extended service contracts. The rates and terms of these are specific for the type of equipment in question. The Service Plan Contains full Parts & Labor Coverage plus Buyer gets free tech Support and tips on how to keep their Equipment running smoothly. Service Plans are fully transferable if the Buyer sells his equipment to another party , as long as the new owner informs us of the change.

Damages resulting from accidental or intentional abuse of covered equipment VOIDS the service plan on that item permanently. For more , see the Merchant Policy on the bottom pages of this site. 


How do I get an Estimate on something I want Repaired?

Choose the "Contact Us" tab above and call in or send a fax and Include as much information as possible, like Brand Name/Manufacturer, Model Number, and most important: A DESCRIPTION of the Fault. Without having the actual product on the bench for diagnosis, its hard to give out quotes anymore, and a bench diagnosis fee usually is required to provide a more precise estimate. (Manufacturer in Warranty cases excluded) Once the Item is received for a "HARD" estimate, then you will be contacted within 1 week for the actual dollar amount & Turnaround time.



How do I get my Equipment to you, if I decide to have you do the work?

If you are local, you can arrange a free Pickup depending on the kind of service needed. Or you can make a drop off yourself. Just Choose the "Contact Us" Tab and let us know what and when you would like to stop by. 

Otherwise if you don't live locally, you have to pack the item(s) VERY carefully in an appropriate shipping container. The US Postal Offices have boxes available for purchase, or a Truck Rental place such as RYDER or UHAUL provides boxes relatively cheap. Since the items are delicate Electronics, take care to insure they don't move around, and provide plenty of cushioning in the box for them. The more care you take at this stage, the better are the chances of getting your item back in perfect working order. The majority of the time, the serviced equipment will be returned in the same carton & packing as it arrived in. If it needs to be repacked again upon the return trip, there will be no charge to add extra cushioning or boxing to ensure your item arrives safely.


How are the shipping rates Paid?

The Customer sets up the Carrier and pays shipping charges to get their equipment to TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS for estimate. 

Once the package arrives at its destination, they will get a telephone Call to confirm receipt. If any VISIBLE shipping damage is evident, the Shipper is immediately informed.

The Equipment is then Functionally tested and diagnosed to establish a estimate to Repair and a turnaround ETA is assigned. (IE: 3 days, 5 days etc)

Upon the customers receipt of the estimate, the customer may ACCEPT or DECLINE the estimate.

The shipping cost for the return trip will be included in the estimate separately. If the repair estimate is DECLINED, the Customer has the option of donating / abandoning his or her equipment to TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS disposal or paying for the shipping to return it.

In the case of manufacturer in Warranty repairs that are non repairable, we reserve the right to charge a disposal fee to the manufacturer or service network handling the claim.

Lots of parts listed dont show prices or provide information on how to make purchases. How are buyers suppose to know how many are available and pricing?

Due to overwhelming abuse, prices and stock levels are no longer shown. More information on the details of this
 change are explained on our merchant policy page which can be loaded using the link at the bottom of this page.




How long does it take for me to get my equipment back after being sent in?

The time frames are different for each specific item, since there is such a wide variety of Electronics out there to deal with and spare part availability is limited.. If your equipment needs a fast turnaround, supply a timeframe needed by and we will let you know if we can meet that deadline. Consideration must be allocated for transit time after it leaves TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS. We will supply an outgoing tracking number when the repair leaves our service center.



What if I get my equipment back, and it still doesn't work? Or What If I buy some equipment and it doesn't work?

Well, this will RARELY if EVER happen, but if it does, you must promptly inform TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS within 5 days of reciept of the item. It will then have to be determined:

1) Whether the carton suffered shipping damage
2) If the operator is using the equipment properly

If there is no evidence of shipping damage, and the operator is certain they are working the controls correctly,
Technotronic Dimensions will ask for the item to be returned a second time at its own expense. Upon receiving and confirming the fault, TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS will eliminate the fault permanently, and return the unit to the customer free of charge. Should TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS be unable to duplicate the failure, it will remain under observation for up to another 5 days, before then being declared as "CANNOT DUPLICATE FAILURE" It would be up to the customer to provide transport for the equipment at that point.


Where do I send my Equipment if I want it to be fixed?

First, you must notify TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS by using the "Contact Us" page provided in the link at the top of this page. Describe via an email, what you have that needs to be looked at. Give as much information as possible as outlined in the ESTIMATE FAQ. Also Indicate when you are ready to send the item(s) or drop them off. We will return your message as soon as possible and if we believe the product is worth looking at, we will supply the address where to send your gear or drop it off and create an appointment if needed.



What type of Payment Methods are available for the services TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS Provides?

 See the merchant policy link referenced below.

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