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Will ship to all US locations, including foreign US Military bases. Will also ship internationally upon customers approval of shipping estimate. Common carriers are typically USPS, Fed-Ex ground and UPS, although others can be called upon at the customers request. We no longer use Fed Ex express because of delivery issues to our area.

[ R U S H / 24 Hour Shipping ]   - Additional $119.95 USD

If your online order needs to be shipped as fast as possible, we offer same day shipping. It means your order will be moved to top priority and shipped within 24 hours or less within receiving the payment.


Customer guarantee: All electronic equipment or gear (not parts) purchased or serviced at TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS carries a MINIMUM of 30-90 days guarantee, against DOA, covering parts and labor. Exact coverage times vary with the age and condition of the equipment in question. For exact figures, submit an inquiry with the type and model. This guarantee excludes accidental or intentional abuse such as dropping, hitting, slamming, shipping damage or operating equipment in extreme weather conditions where its not designed to be used. See the Site FAQ for more details. Warranties on replacement parts  do not exist   unless certain conditions are met at the time of purchase or the part is sold to a repeat or long time customer. 1st time buyers are required to ask for specific details before placing an order if there is a concern. The return policy shown below may also answer some concerns.
For equipment (not spare parts) purchased directly from TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS returns are valid if initiated within 5 days of receiving the merchandise. After 5 days have passed , its assumed the equipment is working & the customer is satisfied with the experience. For returns on repaired equipment, see the site FAQ for more specific instructions. Return policies on replacement parts  do not exist  unless there is troubleshooting report submitted by a qualified service technician before the purchase is made. Buyers are advised to ask for specific details before placing an order if there is a concern. We do not cover freight charges on ANY returned item unless it has been pre-authorized in advance as part of an authorized RMA.  Unqualified service entities must submit their Technical findings in writing signed by the installer in order to qualify for additional technical assistance. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse a return / refund for any special ordered, limited stock or obsolete electronic part in the event an RMA is supplied.   


Payment forms accepted are:

  • Personal, Cashiers, certified or company checks.

  • US / ACH Bank wire transfer 

  • Western Union International bank transfer, Money order


Major Credit Cards accepted via Paypal currently only for international orders or repeat customers.


Last updated 5/13/2024

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