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As of May 2016, many listings for flyback transformers no longer show price , stock or a purchase option , due to past abuses but mostly because we can no longer afford to give out prices so that competitors can beat the price and basically waste our time and cut us out of the trade we worked so hard to build over the last 10+ years on the internet. We are one of the first original sites that pioneered the availability of hard to find transformers used in crt type monitors all over the world. Regrettably, the hard work has been rewarded by other sites, mostly ones in China , supplying the same parts, and in many cases, specialized items that we helped develop years ago are being offered by anyone with an internet connection and access to a credit card.

The new policy , for lack of a better term is the - KILL CHINA -  fee.

If you are a prospective new buyer (or reside in California, US) and need a price and or availability on a listed part before you take a chance at purchase you will need to pay this up front fee to cover losses to China. China has been handed the entire world nearly for free via search engine results, and once we give a price or come up with a new idea here, China either beats the price, or copies the idea and spams it to many of their websites so all the business we generated winds up heading there. Most of China has been blocked from viewing our site and eventually we will have the entire country banned.

UPDATE: We were asking that  If you do value the United states and what its done for the world, pay the fee before things worsen however things seem to have turned for the worst
and even people who pay the fee still demand refunds, or additional prices on larger quantities as a way to  try and make it look like they will return for more business, but never do they follow through with such promises. Any dollar amounts posted here for the fee, were also spammed to China, and the Chinese were demanding that dollar amount we came up with to go to them so they can give tech support on their products, but there is no tech support on any Chinese products on the market so the price for that has been removed, so at this point I would say until there is a global boycott of all products from China, prices or stock check inquiries will not be answered unless an undisclosed amount (determined on a case by case basis) is paid in advance as an act of good faith in the United States of America. Do not call or send in any inquiries regarding parts unless you include understanding this policy and are willing to pay ANY AMOUNT for a surcharge that we specify. No mater how we adjust the policy here on the webpage, it just continues to be joked about and abused, so this will be the final revision and no more updates on the results good or bad will be posted here.



Will ship to all US locations, including foreign US Military bases. Will also ship internationally upon customers approval of shipping estimate. Common carriers are typically USPS, Fed-Ex, DHL and UPS, although others can be called upon at the customers request. We Can Ship directly to UPS or Fed-Ex accounts either freight collect or prepaid.  We tend to refrain from using UPS as a preferred choice because of recent poor customer service and driver issues in our local area.

[ R U S H / 24 Hour Shipping ]   - Additional $119.95 USD

If your online order needs to be shipped as fast as possible, we offer same day shipping. It means your order will be moved to top priority and shipped within 24 hours or less within receiving the payment.


Customer guarantee: All electronic equipment or gear (not parts) purchased or serviced at TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS carries a MINIMUM of 30-90 days guarantee, against DOA, covering parts and labor. Exact coverage times vary with the age and condition of the equipment in question. For exact figures, submit an inquiry with the type and model. This guarantee excludes accidental or intentional abuse such as dropping, hitting, slamming, shipping damage or operating equipment in extreme weather conditions where its not designed to be used. See the Site FAQ for more details. Warranties on replacement parts  do not exist   unless certain conditions are met at the time of purchase or the part is sold to a repeat or long time customer. 1st time buyers are required to ask for specific details before placing an order if there is a concern. The return policy shown below may also answer some concerns.
For equipment (not spare parts) purchased directly from TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS returns are valid if initiated within 5 days of receiving the merchandise. After 5 days have passed , its assumed the equipment is working & the customer is satisfied with the experience. For returns on repaired equipment, see the site FAQ for more specific instructions. Return policies on replacement parts  do not exist  unless there is troubleshooting report submitted by a qualified service technician before the purchase is made. Buyers are advised to ask for specific details before placing an order if there is a concern. There are NO returns (all sales final) on repair kits or custom created service bulletins or on ANY part that is for the brand of RCA-GE due to the increasing number of unqualified people purchasing parts for this brand. Because of annual increases in sales to buyers in the state of California (USA) that want parts sent back for no reason, and because of failed Paypal and bank credit card customer service issues, we currently no longer feel obligated to sell to any buyers living in the state of California unless the kill-china fee mentioned above is paid in advance. We do not cover freight charges on ANY returned item unless it has been pre-authorized in advance as part of an authorized RMA.  Unqualified service entities must submit their Technical findings in writing signed by the installer in order to qualify for additional technical assistance. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee or refuse a return / refund for any special ordered, limited stock or obsolete electronic part in the event an RMA is supplied.   


Payment forms accepted are:

  • Money Order

  • Personal, Cashiers, certified or company checks.

  • Western Union International bank transfer

  • US / ACH Bank wire transfer 

Due to pandemic lockdowns, delays and lack of manpower and resources that support small business infrastructure, checks sent for payment are taking longer to arrive in many cases. 
Major Credit Cards no longer accepted except for repeat customers and items offered with the new web store portal as described on the Contact US tab.


Last updated 01/26/2022

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