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These posted hours are guidelines only and are still under construction.
For best results, call for an appointment and we will schedule a time that works best for you.
Call Toll Free: 1-877-817-9885
  12PM   5:30 pm EST
12 PM - 5:30 pm EST
12 PM - 5:30 pm EST
12 PM - 5:30 pm EST
12 PM - 5:30 pm EST
12:00 PM - 7 pm EST

                      Technotronic Dimensions specializes in Repairs, Sales and Service / Parts for all types of Consumer & Industrial Electronics equipment. Future plans are in the works to qualify for Avionics (FAA) and Medical equipment service. TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS trademark is long lasting quality, backed with an Excellent Guarantee Policy. Fast turnarounds and standing by our customers are the number one priority. 

           Technotronic Dimensions was started in December , 1995 while the owner was working for a Tandy Service Center in NY. Once word had spread of the Venture at local churches, people started bringing their TV's, VCR's and Audio Equipment to his Apartment for repair. Eventually so much business was generated, more space was needed to maintain the work flow. A new Customer, who was in the Music and Entertainment Business, struck a deal with TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS to sublet space at his Studio, in exchange for good rates in maintaining his line of High End Audio Recording and Video Recording Equipment. Within months, TECHNOTRONIC DIMENSIONS Grew larger than the space at the new location, and was forced to rent a larger building. Most of the work done since 1995 is mainly in the consumer electronics with some for factory / industrial support gear. Since work has slowed, we have decided to explore offering accessory repair in the aviation industry as we also have experience repairing various electronic gear for FAA authorized repair centers, as per this document:  [ Aircraft accessory capability list ]

          Technotronic Dimensions has been a sole proprietorship all of its existence. Occasionally , Part time help is hired for non-technical work during very busy times. 

          Technotronic Dimensions believes in quality Customer Service and Technical Support for all its products. Its goal is to provide a service that is "Custom Fit" the best way possible to meet each particular need a customer may have.

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