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Contact Us                                                       Telephone service is no longer an option available due to spam by robocallers.


Order requests/inquiries are to be emailed to the service@ email address or use the webform link shown below. International orders are paid via bank wire.

If you have an electronic item needing repair try using the webforms by going to the Search page
with the link at the lower left of this page. Near the bottom of the sitemap there is a FAST SITE NAVIGATION drop
down menu as shown in this screenshot and
Click for larger view select the form that best fits the electronic item.

Or try leaving a voice message with a call back number.


We have launched a new portal where online purchases can be made for some products at:

More items are planned to be listed as we test drive the new portal. If you would like an item listed,
use the Email listings shown below to send the request.

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E M A I L   O P T I O N S


For best results don't use a Hotmail, Windows live or other Microsoft system based email service when Emailing us.
These services plus AOL will sometimes flag email from our IP address as SPAM when replying.
Its been observed that every time we reply to a gmail, spam comes back to us, indicating there is an algorithm running.
So we are no longer accepting any GMAIL. Lately AOL email is looking much better, so its probably ok to use it.

Sugguested Email

Spare parts related inquiries

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