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Midland LMR VHF/UHF XTR/Syntech II Mobile Radios
repair, programming and support service

70-0351, 70-0355, 70-0371, 70-0375
70-0501, 70-0502, 70-0521, 70-0522, 70-0551, 70-0552
70-0557, 70-0561, 70-0562, 70-0567
 Covering versions A,B,C,D,E,CWB

70-1066A, 70-1066B, 70-1070A, 70-1070B, 70-1075A, 70-1075B
70-1336A, 70-1336B, 70-1340A, 70-1340B, 70-1342A, 70-1342B
70-1395A, 70-1395B, 70-1440A, 70-1440B, 70-1442A, 70-1442B
70-1495A, 70-1495B, 70-1526A, 70-1526B, 70-1530A, 70-1530B
70-1532A, 70-1532B, 70-1595A, 70-1595B, 70-1630 A/B/C/D
70-1632A, 70-1632B, 70-1695A, 70-1695B
Covers versions A,B,C,D,E,AX,AXL,BX,BXL

70-3421, 70-3422, 70-3851, 70-3852
70-4421, 70-4422, 70-4427, 70-4851, 70-4852, 70-4857
70-5300, 70-5301, 70-5302, 70-6301, 70-6302, 70-6307
70-0700, 70-1500, 70-2500, 70-4050, 70-4120, 70-8030, 70-8100
Includes versions A,B


  dead no power
 no tx
 distortion in tx audio
 no display
no modulation
 low volume
 intermittent rx
 loud hum
 squeal in audio
 low power out
 vfo drifting frequency (QRH)
 not transmitting
 blows fuse
low rx
weak reception
E3 error

This Page helps support the repair of the Midland LMR / XTR / Syntech transceivers manufactured
1987 - 1993.


Contact us for more info.

We are a non authorized Midland electronic repair center, capable of repairing these issues and others as well as programming via computer interface.

Model 70-342B transciever 

Front panel view of a Midland 70-342B transciever



If the unit has been previously worked on by another facility or has been modified, please inform us when requesting a repair.



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