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TFM-15 dead no power
TFM-15 no sound
TFM-15 one channel dead
TFM-15 distortion in audio
TFM-15 low volume
TFM-15 Intermittent audio

This Page helps support the repair of the Carver TFM-15 and TFM-15CB2 (bridged mono) 2 channel power amplifier. A common issue is the protect relay will fail to operate and may buzz , click or prevent output to the speakers.


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We are a non authorized Carver electronic repair center, capable of repairing this issue and others.

Carver TFM-15 stereo audio amp 

Picture of the Carver TFM-15 / TFM15



If the unit has been previously worked on by another facility or has been modified, please inform us when requesting a repair.


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