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iLive IHMD8816DT Home docking system

iLive IHMD8816DT home docking system repair service
iLive IHMD8816DT home docking system defective

IHMD8816DT dead no power
IHMD8816DT distorted sound
IHMD8816DT thumping
IHMD8816DT clicking noise
IHMD8816DT no sound
IHMD8816DT one channel dead
IHMD8816DT intermittent sound


This Page helps support the repair of the ILive iPod Room Speaker system / home docking station. A common issue apparently is faint to heavy distortion from the speakers or no sound at all.

Contact us for more info.

We are a non authorized experienced iLive electronic repair center, capable of repairing this issue and possibly others.

iLive ipod music system 

Picture of the iLive Home docking system with remote



If the unit has been previously worked on by another facility or has been modified, please inform us when requesting a repair.


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