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 6/17/2024 I’m tickled pink with the repair that you did on my Siemens radio.
Your work was of the highest quality, and was reasonably priced. Turnaround
time was good, and your communication was excellent. And the radio sounds

 Bill W, NY

 5/7/2024 Technotronic Dimensions repair service I had good luck with the repairs, done promptly, and solved the problem. Would recommend this service to anyone needing it.

Joe McCusker, VT

 4/27/2024 I stopped into Technotronics with a receiver that needed repair. I spoke with Steve and he explained the process.
A week later I picked it up and he walked me through what he found and corrected. He did what he said he would do,
he did it in the time frame he said, and he topped it off with a fair price.
From front to back, it was quality. Its a great little business on Northside Dr.

 Ed R, VT

 4/17/2024 About a year ago my EV Studio 8 monitors were thumping and spewing white noise. I despaired of resurrecting them.
I found Technotronics on the internet and arranged to drop them off with Steve, who fixed them! They have been working perfectly ever since: like new. Steve is the real deal. Thank you!

Eve B, VT

 2/2/2024 Steve repaired my DVD recorder for an in put problem. Now it works just like a new one.
He kept me informed about repairs. I am so glad I found the company on the web. Thank you Steve for your good work.

Bob in Bristol, TN


 2/2/2024 After sending my Pioneer amplifier back to the company for repair, I was told that it was unrepairable. Steve was able to repair my Pioneer amplifier after a probable electrical surge. It's been months now and my amplifier is up and running like new. He fixed it in a very timely manner and for a reasonable amount of time and price. I would highly suggest Steve's work to anyone.

Kim in VT



 1/18/2024 Found the shop via the shmups community/ system11 forums, when my PVM was having an intermittent color issue. Steve pinpointed the issue, and communicated what he found/what needed to be done every step of the way. He got the monitor back to perfect working order.

 - Ian in NY


1/16/2024 - Just to let you know, the player is working just like it did when I first bought it. I've probably recorded approximately 20 hrs. of dvd's converted from vhs tapes, so I've been doing a tremendous amount of recording. Thank you and your team for an amazing job. I will strongly recommend your services. Again, thank you.

 Jeffery Muchison in GA


 1/8/2024 My poor Samsung CRT television stopped working after spending time in a moving truck. This TV was a childhood gift so it has a lot of sentimental value, and thankfully Steve was able to fix it! He repaired the TV faster than estimated, and was very patient with me when I had scheduling issues. I definitely recommend Technotronic Dimensions for electronics repair and will certainly be back should any of my other gadgets need help! Thanks again and happy new year.

 Casey in VT



 12/20/2023 Steve shipped the required parts quickly. After a week or so, he sent a follow up email to ask how my repair was going, and if the parts ordered got my Commodore monitor going again. When I replied no, he quickly wrote back, and very unexpectedly, helped me troubleshoot the monitor to try and find the shorted part on the chassis. His knowledge of the electronics he’s selling and the devices they are used with really is amazing. I’m an amateur at best when it comes to electronic repairs, and with his help, I was able to resurrect this monitor, which died on me about 6 years ago. Thanks again, Steve, for going above and beyond what I ever expected.

-Kirk in LA

  12/9/2023 I have all kinds of vintage audio gear but was striking out finding a shop to repair the AM band on my Jacobsen Super Chief radio. Steve hit it out of the park. Now I can listen to the Guardians game while cutting the lawn, with the headphones of course. After wasting time with repair shops unable to determine root cause or pay attention to detail, I plan to use Technotronic Dimensions in the future. Thanks Steve for putting a smile back on my face!

--Gregg Weiss


 8/27/2023 Steve provided excellent service and communication. The control knob and internal wiring of my TC Helicon Voicelive 3 were busted and he brought it back to life for me. Thank you, Steve!

Elliot Smith, PA


 8/18/2023 Technotronics Steve repaired the broken control knob on my TC Helicon2 audio processor, and I am so glad! Reliable and accurate :-D Thank you Steve!

-- Seven D


 8/6/2023 - I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for the excellent work you performed on my nephew's TPS-L2 Walkman. The device is now working flawlessly, and we're thrilled to have it restored to its former glory. Your expertise and attention to detail have truly impressed us, and we couldn't be happier with the results.




7/24/2023 Steve repaired my Yaesu FT-8100R and my FRG-7000.
Overall, I found Steve to be a very honest, forthright businessman in my dealings with him. He never did anything that would be a “red flag” of somebody that would be dishonest. He was very prompt with getting to my radios, honest as to what they needed to be done without tacking on surprise extra charges as a less honest repairman might, and his prices were fair and reasonable. I would use Steve for any radio issues I have in the future, and would recommend him to other “hams” needing radio repairs.

B. Cowan
Hornbrook, California



 4/18/2023 Steve fixed a radio that was like I had in Vietnam. Excellent communication!
Great to work with. Thanks for taking good care of me

Mark Souers

 4/14/2023 My 530s is still working great! I fitted it with a CW narrow filter. The receiver works better than the one in the TS-590s I bought as a backup rig. I’m about ready to trade it off for another TS-530s or an 830s.
Thanks again for making it whole. 73


3/24/2023 - Steve happened to have exactly what I was looking for. I had a flyback die in a HP 3561A and he happened to have a replacement. It took a year of looking around before I stumbled on here, but I'm glad he had a replacement.

Paul in Utah

2/27/2023 - I hooked the little SM220 up to my Kenwood TS-520s and it worked like new. Based on your restoration, it is probably better than new. It is hard enough to find someone who will work on vintage gear, much less do it right. The quality of your work and reasonable prices offset the high cost of shipping.



 12/28/2022 - Steve worked on my Acom 1200S that had some issues and was always in communication with me on a daily basis giving good news and yes, some bad! Steve by far has to be commended for his workmanship and his unwavering diligence to overcome issues that even Acom was hard press to come up with some answers. The amp came back to me after all was taken care of and it was the same as it was when I sent it to him, excellent condition! If you want the best of the best then Steve is your go to person for working on, in my case my Acom 1200S. If had a scale to rate Steve, 10 is way to low, IMHO its a 100. Thank you Steve.

 John, ND1X


 10/17/2022 - I had a terrific experience working with Steve. His responses to my queries were prompt and clear. He brought back to perfect working condition my old VCR/DVD player/recorder. Steve communicated with me throughout the process, including checking in after I had the machine back home. I highly recommend this business!

Susan in Readsboro,VT

 10/1/2022 - I have received the tweeter and it works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help and prompt attention.
While I don't know what I might use you for in the future I will return to the website and have a look and keep you in the "go to" file.

Don in MD


8/20/2022 - I finally got a chance to put the FT-767GX back in the shack.
Upon initial power-up all looks really good. Mic audio is there and so far, it is acting like a brand new rig.
I will be trying more features in the upcoming weeks, but I imagine all should test just fine. I am in awe of your technical prowess. Thanks again.

Mickey K1XH

07/26/2022 -  Thank you very much to giving life to my radio, actually this radio was in our family for more than 50 years.  I truly appreciated your masterful work and your honest approach to repair and fix our beloved radio!

 Harry in IL


5/28/2022 -  I have had the best experience with Steve. His communication is outstanding. He is realistic in the amount of time it will take to complete work. He provides frequent and clear communication about the repair work and checks in to let you know how it is going. He has up front pricing on the repairs. I would highly recommend him and plan to use him in the future for any repairs I may need. My 890 came back working great with lots of 5-9 reports on all frequencies. It was a pleasure doing business with him.




03/24/2022 -  Steve worked his magic on three ailing Symetrix 528E units and breathed new life into them! They sound like the day they rolled off the factory floor. He's a technical wizard and a nice guy too, I wholeheartedly recommend his service. 

Christian in CA


11/18/2021 -  Steve, Thank you very much for your service. The processor works like new. I will not hesitate sending any repairs your way. It's very difficult finding someone you can trust. Thank you and God Bless. 


11/11 /2021 -  I’m a gigging solo musician and my TC Helicon Play Acoustic’s control knob suddenly quit working. I did a google search and found Technotronic Dimensions. I sent in my device and had a very quick response with a quote, which I proceeded with. Repair turnaround time and return shipping was super fast.
What I appreciate most was communication was very clear and without delay. No hidden costs, and quality of work is outstanding. My device works like a champ now! I highly recommend Technotronic Dimensions for your electronic device problems. 

Philip Easterwood


07/28/2021 -  THANK YOU for restoring my three Sony radios to their fully functioning glory! They’re all now working perfectly---no small feat considering what a hot mess both the A100 and the A1 (Walkman) were. It might sound dorky, but I feel like a kid again having them playing! 

 Matt in NC


06/05/2021 -  Brother USA customer service is good, but was unable to repair my printer/fax/copier, and recommended Technotronic Dimensions for hands-on assistance. They were right: 20 minutes with Steve Hearns and I was good to go with a refurbished printer. Obviously, I recommend Technotronic Dimensions highly. (He's reasonable, too.)

 Bob Wilson - Saxtons River, VT


44/16/2021 -  I was lucky to stumble across Steve and this site, I have been searching for the hard to find Nanao mc2000-s monitor flyback transformer for awhile now, Steve actually had it in stock and quickly shipped it to me, Replaced the flyback and my monitor is up and running, believe me when I say I am happy, my Zaxxon cocktail arcade game has new life again. Much appreciated and Great service. Thanks Steve! !

 Ken from FL

1/7/2021 - When my 20 year old Symetrix 528E Voice Processor developed a buzz, I found Steve via the internet. I was skeptical that it would be able to be repaired due to it’s age, but Steve told me that he had experience with the unit, so I gave him a try. His communication with me was timely and thorough. And after the unit came back buzz-free, I was pleasantly surprised. I would highly recommend Steve Hearns at Technotronic Dimensions to anyone with electronic issues, large or small. And I’ll use him again in the future. He was a very valuable “find!” A+++!

 Larry in SC


1/6/2021 -  I am happy! Yes, I have my 528E back set up and ready to start the new year of working from home and Zoom meetings. Thank you for fixing all of the issues with the unit. It performs as new now. The microphone preamp is silent and the beating and false triggering of the expander has been remedied. I’ll definitely be using you in the future if I have any other repair needs for similar equipment. I couldn’t be happier.

 Dan in NC


11/21/2020 -  Steve did a great job fixing my Grandfather's sw transoceanic tube radio from wwII. He's also fixed other electronics in the past. I highly recommend his repair service for all your electronic needs. He's A#1 at repairs!!

 Billy - KB1QXP


11/13/2020 -  Brought my Wards radio back to life. Full clear sound.
thank you!

Matt Warman - Key Refrigeration

10/28/2020 -  The radio repaired was over 50 years old and very sentimental to the owner. It hadn't worked for several years and was quite dirty. Steve got all components working again and the owner is thrilled. Would gladly use his services again. Pricing was quite fair.



 02/01/2020 - I found Steve's site on an internet search about repairing a broken control knob on my TC Helicon Play Acoustic effects box. He was able to repair the device and returned it to me in good working order, keeping me up to date about the progress with timely emails. Would highly recommend his services.

- Dr Rob in NC.

 12/28/2019 - Steve supplied me with a difficult-to-find flyback transformer,
which will now enable me to revive a piece of hardware otherwise destined for the scrapheap.
Excellent communication and service throughout: item arrived on time, securely wrapped, and all in its original packaging.
Steve is a lovely chap, too. Highly recommended.

-- Simon, West Sussex, England.

 11/17/2019 - If you're looking for poor quality cheap Chinese knock offs look
elsewhere. Mr Hearns provides high quality difficult to find parts and
is a valuable resource to the arcade repair community.

Matt Scott - Nottingham, England.


11/4/2019 - I needed a fly-back transformer for an old video poker machine. Steve came through on finding a replacement for it and it worked out great.

Walton, KY

9/12/2019 - We had a faulty CNC milling machine display that had to be repaired, and fortunately we found Steve,
and his great inventory of various rare items. After a short alignment due to the distance we got a great support,
and transparency about the progress. The whole process was fast, and professional.
I can only recommend Steve, and his great service.

Peter Balasko Zsambek, Hungary

5/20/2019 - We found a great place to get our VCR/DVD player serviced! The owner is quiet and friendly and really knows his stuff. He fixed our VCR/DVD combo player and got everything working well again. We like this machine and they’re so hard to find, so we were very grateful to be able to keep this one and have it working again. It looks like he works on lots of things there in his shop. Printers, computers, etc. I know we will definitely be going back there whenever we have a technical problem with any of our machines! Technotronic-Dimensions is highly recommended by us!

– Dan and Lori Lewis, Melrose, NY



3-12-2019 - My Brother MFC-9130CW froze following a firmware update Brother instructed me to install. A Brother representative told me to take the machine to Technotronic Dimensions, so I did so. Brother had not contacted Steve at Technotronic Dimensions, as they should have, so I had to call Brother from Steve’s store. That took nearly an hour, with lengthy waits and transfers from person to person, but finally I was told that the machine was under warranty and that Brother would pay for the repair. But they didn’t send that info to Steve until a day or two later. Even then, they were slow in communicating with him about what was needed, and slow in shipping parts. Throughout this frustrating ordeal, Steve was patient and professional. And the machine has been just fine since he fixed it.

Alan White



4/12/2018 - I was looking for a flyback transformer to fix a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2040u monitor and found the part number for the flyback on Steve's site. I reached out to him and he responded very quickly! He was quite friendly and shipped the flyback quickly. I would not hesitate to do business with Steve again and am very glad Technotronic Dimensions offers hard to find flybacks in this day and age. Thanks again!
- Jeremy R from DFW


12/26/2018 - I contacted Steve Hearns at Technotronic Dimensions to repair a vintage mic processor. He did a terrific job and the unit works like new. Steve’s rates are reasonable and his work is top notch. I highly recommend Technotronic Dimensions!
-Charley Mefferd, Dallas TX



10/12/2018 - I am grateful to have a local service provider for electronics work. Technotronics fixed my old DVD/VCR player and even got the floppy drive working on our old MAC 512K… a collector item.

Jonah Spivak, Hoosick Falls, NY=


8/5/2018 -
I actually tracked down Techtronic Dimensions while searching for a technician who would be able to work on my old electronics. My needs (in my mind) were simple, to find a technician to troubleshoot and restore classic electronics that I have collected over the years that meant a great deal to me.

When I first called Technotronic, I was greeted by Steve on the phone who not only immediately had an idea of why my electronics were acting up, but also said he would be glad to work on them.
I drove two hours out to their Bennington store, and Steve took an hour with me to discuss exactly what was going on with the items, and what he believed to be the case after some initial inspection.
He requested an initial inspection/service fee which was more than fair, and I informed him that I had no required timeline on when they needed to be finished.

This is where everything changed. I have a background in electronics for over 20 years, and Steve’s analysis of the problem, and his repair skills are nothing short of masterful.
He took extra care and attention to restoring my electronics, and when I picked them up I honestly couldn’t even recognize them. They were immaculate, and he went through them inch by inch making sure they would last for another 20-30 years.

I have never found another technician like Steve and what he is capable of doing with his company. I can assure you will get the greatest quality of service and repair in all of New England. Steve is nothing short of an artist and certified genius with classic electronics. If you are looking for someone who can work on Computers, Stereos, CRT Television Monitors, Speakers, and more, then do not go anywhere else. Spend the extra money and ship your stuff to Techtronic Dimensions. You will not be sorry!

Tony H. - Montpelier Vermont


5/2/2018 - I am very pleased with the work Steve did on my Guitar Pedal. He was extremely communicative, and the turn around on the work was very fast. I would recommend his work to anyone looking to have any electronic repair done.

Zack, Texas

4/16/2018 - Thanks for supply of good parts and prompt service by you & your company

Nancy Hudson
Campbell TV Service


04/12/2018 - Great work

Steve was able to fix an old Sony flip clock radio that I found, at a reasonable price. He does good work and I would recommend him to anybody who needs electronic work done.

--Rob L


Needed a repair on a TC Helicon unit. Steve’s reviews were very positive, and he completely backed it up. Understood the problem after speaking on the phone and completed the repair with the unit back in my hands in a very short period…cross-country. Very good service and a very good price.

-- Michael Estabrook


01/05/2018 - Dell P991 CRT monitor, with damaged flyback transformer


After some time spent trying to find a flyback transformer (uses a Sony F99 chassis), I found the Technotronic website. After contact with Steve, I decided to purchase the part.

When it arrived, It included the promised related documentation, according with the deal. I installed some days after arriving And... success! The monitor works flawlessly now, without necessity of adjusting the screen voltage. Even the dynamic focus haven't changed (perfect focus on corners when carefully adjusting focus). So the replacement is a precision product.

Now I can enjoy playing dark games in my PC (like Resident Evil) with real
dark, real colors, good resolution and high bright points at same scene! (not faked like LCD monitors, especially in dark scenes)

Alexandre, from Brazil=


10/18/2017 - Thanks Steve!

Very happy with my ability to use my Voiceplay Live vocal processor again! I was a little upset at first as Voiceplay has this common control knob issue. I then researched a few places to get the repair done and most were over the price of the unit itself. Technotronic’s repair was a value that made sense and the repair worked great. Thank you to Steve for the excellent work and communication, very happy these guys prevented me from abandoning my equipment!

Nicholas Lorenz=

09/14/17 - Hard worker

I have to say that I have never met someone with the kind of work ethic like Steve. He kept working through labor day in an attempt to get my computer speaker fixed before I left for college. Even when it was too late, he kept working on it no matter what. When it became apparent that the speaker couldn't be fixed, he found a new one and tested the hardware and software for me to make sure that it wouldn't break down again and then sold it to me for an incredibly reasonable price. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to have something repaired if for nothing else but his drive to get the job done.

Michael Barrett

Bennington VT

I have a small arcade at my miniature golf course. I needed a part for an unusual game, and Steve was the only person I could find who had it. I will admit initially I thought his method for sales were a little strange, but I see his logic, and he did exactly what he said he would. He applied the fee to my purchase, I received the part I needed, and he was extremely helpful through the entire process. I couldn't ask for a better vendor, and I will definitely use him in the future.

Brian Crum
Roselawn Miniature Golf, LLC,

Shelby, Ohio

8/6/2017 - Nice to see a site where one can purchase unusual or vintage electronic items.
I did and fast shipping. Soon will send equipment to be serviced

Don Selander



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