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    Audio-Video Related:

    DJ Town

    Service-Repair Oriented:

    • A resource modeled after the original NNTP newsgroup where
      professional electronic repair technicians work together to repair various types of electronic products.





    Electronic Repair Parts for service Technicians  


  • ..
  • Early Television Foundation and Museum
  • Support and parts resources for Early Model TVs.
  • RadioWiki of the Radiomuseum (Europe)
  • Support and Information on classic and antique radios.

  • Remote Controls (Original, CHEAP)
  • Replacement Remote Controls for all Major Brands of Consumer Electronics.

  • PC Support Oriented:

  • Gibson research corporation
  • Home of SPINRITE, a great hard drive repair and maintenence utility


  • Find Drivers for anything related to your PC. Free membership, Message boards. A++!
  • The Driver Zone
  • Very Good & Complete Site for Finding Drivers on just about any Piece of Computer Hardware.
  • Find BIOS Information on just about any Motherboard.
  • Open forums for Discussion af all Bios or Chipsets.
  • Home of BING *Boot It Next Generation* Hard Drive Partition Manager
  • Create Boot Disks For Nearly Every O/S.
  • The Live CD LIST
     The #1 resource for making bootable LiveCDs, LiveDVDs, and LiveUSB operating systems


  • Amateur radio Oriented:

     WebSDR located in Milford, PA



Tech. Downloads

VGA TO NTSC  26 Kb Test Pattern/Color Bar Generator Program.
2 Different Patterns. (DOS)
GEN  28Kb

Test Pattern/Color Bar Generator,
Variety of Different Patterns. (DOS)

Nokia Test 455Kb Good Monitor Test Patterns. For W'95 & Up.
mouse Driven
Z-Tips 1.3Mb Zenith TV Tips V 4.6
FCC Junior 1.38 Mb FCC ID # Cross Reference
Acer Part Numbers.   357Kb List of Spare Parts Available for Acer Monitors
ECG 2.2 XRef   2.34Mb ECG Cross 2.2 - For Data on Older Semi's.




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