10/12/2018 - I am grateful to have a local service provider for electronics work. Technotronics fixed my old DVD/VCR player and even got the floppy drive working on our old MAC 512K… a collector item.

Jonah Spivak, Hoosick Falls, NY=


8/5/2018 -
I actually tracked down Techtronic Dimensions while searching for a technician who would be able to work on my old electronics. My needs (in my mind) were simple, to find a technician to troubleshoot and restore classic electronics that I have collected over the years that meant a great deal to me.

When I first called Technotronic, I was greeted by Steve on the phone who not only immediately had an idea of why my electronics were acting up, but also said he would be glad to work on them.
I drove two hours out to their Bennington store, and Steve took an hour with me to discuss exactly what was going on with the items, and what he believed to be the case after some initial inspection.
He requested an initial inspection/service fee which was more than fair, and I informed him that I had no required timeline on when they needed to be finished.

This is where everything changed. I have a background in electronics for over 20 years, and Steve’s analysis of the problem, and his repair skills are nothing short of masterful.
He took extra care and attention to restoring my electronics, and when I picked them up I honestly couldn’t even recognize them. They were immaculate, and he went through them inch by inch making sure they would last for another 20-30 years.

I have never found another technician like Steve and what he is capable of doing with his company. I can assure you will get the greatest quality of service and repair in all of New England. Steve is nothing short of an artist and certified genius with classic electronics. If you are looking for someone who can work on Computers, Stereos, CRT Television Monitors, Speakers, and more, then do not go anywhere else. Spend the extra money and ship your stuff to Techtronic Dimensions. You will not be sorry!

Tony H. - Montpelier Vermont


5/2/2018 - I am very pleased with the work Steve did on my Guitar Pedal. He was extremely communicative, and the turn around on the work was very fast. I would recommend his work to anyone looking to have any electronic repair done.


4/16/2018 - Thanks for supply of good parts and prompt service by you & your company

Nancy Hudson
Campbell TV Service


04/12/2018 - Great work

Steve was able to fix an old Sony flip clock radio that I found, at a reasonable price. He does good work and I would recommend him to anybody who needs electronic work done.

--Rob L


Needed a repair on a TC Helicon unit. Steve’s reviews were very positive, and he completely backed it up. Understood the problem after speaking on the phone and completed the repair with the unit back in my hands in a very short period…cross-country. Very good service and a very good price.

-- Michael Estabrook

01/05/2018 - Dell P991 CRT monitor, with damaged flyback transformer


After some time spent trying to find a flyback transformer (uses a Sony F99 chassis), I found the Technotronic website. After contact with Steve, I decided to purchase the part.

When it arrived, It included the promised related documentation, according with the deal. I installed some days after arriving And... success! The monitor works flawlessly now, without necessity of adjusting the screen voltage. Even the dynamic focus haven't changed (perfect focus on corners when carefully adjusting focus). So the replacement is a precision product.

Now I can enjoy playing dark games in my PC (like Resident Evil) with real
dark, real colors, good resolution and high bright points at same scene! (not faked like LCD monitors, especially in dark scenes)

Alexandre, from Brazil=

10/18/2017 - Thanks Steve!

Very happy with my ability to use my Voiceplay Live vocal processor again! I was a little upset at first as Voiceplay has this common control knob issue. I then researched a few places to get the repair done and most were over the price of the unit itself. Technotronic’s repair was a value that made sense and the repair worked great. Thank you to Steve for the excellent work and communication, very happy these guys prevented me from abandoning my equipment!

Nicholas Lorenz=

09/14/17 - Hard worker

I have to say that I have never met someone with the kind of work ethic like Steve. He kept working through labor day in an attempt to get my computer speaker fixed before I left for college. Even when it was too late, he kept working on it no matter what. When it became apparent that the speaker couldn't be fixed, he found a new one and tested the hardware and software for me to make sure that it wouldn't break down again and then sold it to me for an incredibly reasonable price. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to have something repaired if for nothing else but his drive to get the job done.

Michael Barrett

Bennington VT

I have a small arcade at my miniature golf course. I needed a part for an unusual game, and Steve was the only person I could find who had it. I will admit initially I thought his method for sales were a little strange, but I see his logic, and he did exactly what he said he would. He applied the fee to my purchase, I received the part I needed, and he was extremely helpful through the entire process. I couldn't ask for a better vendor, and I will definitely use him in the future.

Brian Crum
Roselawn Miniature Golf, LLC,

Shelby, Ohio

8/6/2017 - Nice to see a site where one can purchase unusual or vintage electronic items.
I did and fast shipping. Soon will send equipment to be serviced

Don Selander



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